Cupcake Photo Shoot III

04 Oct

It’s pretty standard by now to have professional photos of my cupcakes posted just so the readers of this blog can see how scrumptious the cupcakes turn out to be. I am adamant that my little point and shoot camera will never do them justice, so as I have in the weeks prior, I present you with pictures taken by Kenny Barto.

The shock value of these cupcakes were that they were in fact blue! Getting the coloring of these bad boys was the real hurdle for this week. I wanted a fun way to represent my Blue Devil pride, so having teal or dull cupcakes was just not an option. The pictures below really show just how vibrant they turned out, and how the blue sugar crystals enhanced the average, white cream cheese frosting. What was even better than the cupcakes being blue, was seeing what the coloring did to you after you ate them! Like the funfetti cupcakes I couldn’t help but feel like a little kid when eating them…especially when I asked my friends to stick out their tongues so we could see how blue they were!


Blue Devils Blue Velvet

Lets Go CCSU Blue Devils

Not Your Average Velvet Cake

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Posted by on October 4, 2011 in Desserts


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