CT Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice CT is a blog dedicated to baking, and the Connecticut sweet culture that I’ve created as part of my Web Journalism Class at Central Connecticut State. This blog began with a goal to bake a new cupcake each week and push the limits of what I am capable of doing in the kitchen as a novice baker. Throughout the course of my Fall Semester my life grew hectic with school and work as a promo girl for the CT Whale and my blog transformed from strictly cupcakes to all things I create in my kitchen.

My ups and downs in baking these wonderful treats will be documented here for all of the world to see. For instance, I’ve already learned that one should always have a zester handy and you can’t substitute regular cream cheese for low-fat because trust me, the results are less than desirable. 

I love to bake and I love how something as simple as one cupcake (if you have such restraint) can brighten somebody’s day, and that is why I chose to create this baker’s blog.

So what sets this CT Sugar and Spice apart from the rest? It definitely won’t be my baking skills. Instead I want to delve into the Connecticut’s baking culture, because I believe one such thing does actually exist. It is the goal of this blog to find the best and most unusual places to go to find unique and amazingly tasty desserts.

Chocolate covered jalapeno poppers? Yup, CT has them. Winner of “Cupcake Wars”? Yup, we have that too. Even so, the best cupcake may be from a food truck or from a quaint bakery that no one has heard of. Wherever it is, it is my goal to try to find it and let my readers know where they can get a piece of their own!

I began this blog for class and I couldn’t imagine a better assignment, because who wouldn’t want to bake and taste cupcakes for homework? Now that the semester is over fingers crossed that this will be maintained.

I’m excited to take this dessert journey, and I hope everyone reading this blog enjoys it as much like contributing to it.


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