The Author

Personally, I am a senior at Central Connecticut State University majoring in journalism. I obsess over Boston Bruins hockey, am a promotions girl for the CT Whale, intern at the Danbury Whalers and act as Sports Editor for the student-run paper, the Recorder. Everything about what I do and want to do for a career screams tomboy, however mixed with love for all things hockey and football comes an affinity for shoes, a longing to be Carrie Bradshaw, and most importantly a passion for baking.

Cupcakes are by far my favorite dessert to bake (not that I eat them after a battle of losing 70 pounds) and the more popular the desert becomes the more fun it gets to experiment. The goal of this blog is to find the best cupcakes in my wonderful state of Connecticut, while also growing as a baker personally. Hopefully by the end of this blog (which I am creating for my Web Journalism class) I will have found the tastiest and most original cupcakes in the state! (It is also my goal to find a recipe for a healthy non-vegan cupcake that tastes good….does something actually exist?!?! I hope so…fingers crossed!)


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